Architecture of Spain

In Barcelona you will find buildings spanning all eras of the city’s 2000 years old history: The oldest date back to the time of the Romans, there are…


Natural Beauty, Switzerland

This is Switzerland, known by everyone. It is quit popular among the most beautiful places in the world to go. Experience life’s beauty at its extreme while staying…


Old street London

Old Street is a street in Central and East London. I used to go there every months in 2012 for program meeting of my work. The eastern half…


langkawi and Pangkor

If you really want to enjoy the “Wilderness” you should definitely visit langkawi and Pangkor island in Malaysia. Langkawi, officially known as Langkawi the Jewel of Kedah (Malay:…


Poor people in Barcellona

Stroll past the beach-front restaurants and bars of Barceloneta, and the port on any given evening and the tables are awash with the well-heeled and tanned soaking up…



I just created this category in order to gather good decorations that i see during my travels. it will be completed later on.

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Bois de Boulogne

The Bois de Boulogne  is a large public park located along the western edge of the 16th arrondissement of Paris, near the suburb of Boulogne-Billancourt and Neuilly-sur-Seine. It…


Prague-Charles Bridge

The Charles Bridge is a famous historic bridge that crosses the Vltava river in Prague, Czech Republic. Its construction started in 1357 under the auspices of King Charles…


Berlin wall and Sophiengemeinde cemetery

These photos are about Berlin wall and Sophiengemeinde cemetery (which is just close to the Berlin Wall) in Berlin. The Friedhof II der Sophiengemeinde  is a Protestant cemetery…


Central cemetery in vienna

The Zentralfriedhof (German for “Central Cemetery”) is one of the largest cemeteries in the world, largest by number of interred in Europe and most famous cemetery among Vienna’s…


Italy attractions

I really love Italian people! in terms of culture they are really close to Iranians!  I liked the time that I spent in Roma,  in 2013. here are…


Kuala Lumpur

One of my favorite cities in the world! I fall in love with a girl in this city and we were together for almost 3 years! I won’t…


Jewish museum in Warsaw

POLIN Museum of the History of Polish Jews is a museum on the site of the former Warsaw Ghetto. The Hebrew word Polin in the museum’s name means,…


Wall pics in Zagreb

Amazing wall painting in Zagreb, Croatia.  I find some kind of “absurdism” meaning behind some of these photo and YES! that’s why i love them!


Human in Spain

These photos were taken during my travel to Barcellona. I love to photograph from people. after photographing, I just look at each of photo and think about each…


Human in KL

These photos were taken during my travel to Kuala Lumpur. I love to photograph from people. after photographing, I just look at each of photo and think about…


Human in Bordeuax

Bordeaux is often referred to as “Little Paris” and the rivalry between the “Bordelais” (people from Bordeaux) and “Parisiens”. I felt I was in Paris and loved the…


Poor people in KL

Malaysia have the poorest  among the poor in the east of Asia. The pictures you see tell a sad story. The country which hopes to be a developed…


UK Bars

A few photos from different bars in London.


Italian Foods

Italian cuisine has developed through centuries of social and political changes, with roots as far back in antiquity. these photos are just for a night that a super…